Sooty Boots

The Sooty Boots bundle includes Ebony, Smoke and Nimbus.

Perfect for gift wrapping, wreath and tree decor and your winter bouquet.

Bundle Sizes

Small: Includes x2 metres at 1″ wide, x2 metres at 1.5″ wide and x2 metres at 2″ wide.

Medium: Includes x2 metres at 1″ wide, x2 metres at 2″ wide and x2 metres at 3″ wide.

Large: Includes x2 metres at 2″ wide, x2 metres at 2.5″ wide and x2 metre at 4″ wide.


Further Information

Due to the traditional processes we use to dye our ribbons you may find subtle differences in the colour and fabric, a perfect imperfection, that we rather like and we think you will too.
We wash all our ribbons in a fixative to ensure colour fastness. Although rare, there is a possibility of small dye molecules remaining. If you think the ribbon may become damp, e.g to tie a bouquet, please test before use.

Product Information

The Sooty Boots bundle includes Ebony, Smoke and Nimbus.


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