Our Approach to Planning

At Betty Williamson, we approach the task of wedding planning a little differently. While we’re organised, punctual and expert decision-makers, we’re ultimately interested in you and what you want from your big day. We take both a creative and administrative tack, building something memorable and beautiful while hammering out all the details behind the scenes.

We Consult With You On The Design Process

Once the timeline is in place, we begin the design process, drawing on your values, passions and styling ideas. The goal of this stage is to draw up plans for a unique and memorable event that reflects you and your partner’s styles and personality. 

At Betty Williamson, we like to go deep. The more we learn about you and your partner, the better we can select suppliers who understand where you’re coming from and what you want to achieve. We ensure that every supplier you use understands the ethos and theme of your wedding. We also negotiate on your behalf, helping to keep costs under control.

We Comply With The UK Alliance Of Wedding Planners’ Code Of Ethics

We want to ensure that you receive the best service possible. That’s what we adhere to the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners’ code of ethics.
We promise to:
Respond to inquiries within 48 hours
Respect client confidentiality
Plan no more than one wedding each weekend
Represent clients fairly and honestly
Pass on all supplier discounts/ commission to clients
Never pass on clients details to a third party unless directly related to your wedding
Disclose all suppliers with which we have a vested interest
Keep our public liability insurance up to date
Respect the copyright of all planners, co-ordinators and related suppliers
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